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Get the most out of your trip to Serbia.


Activate VISITOR eBOOST 10GB add-on with Visitor eSIM

Boost your Visitor eSIM tariff with the internet tariff add-on.

10 GB
700 RSD

Who is Visitor eSIM tariff intended for?


For all tourists visiting Serbia

Visitor eSIM tariff offers affordable and convenient connectivity for tourists in Serbia, helping them avoid high roaming charges.


For business people

Visitor eSIM tariff provides reliable, cost-effective connectivity for business travelers in Serbia, ensuring seamless communication.

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For iPhone and Android users

Visitor eSIM tariff is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, offering easy activation and excellent service.

Important info for all Visitor eSIM users

• Visitor eSIM card is valid for one year, and the card validity is extended by credit top-ups.

• You make top up your credit by online payment card, on a kiosk or at the nearest mts store.

• The Visitor tariff is available only with eSIM card designed for this tariff.

• Upon the expiry of the Visitor tariff validity period, the remaining traffic shall be erased.

• The users of Visitor eSIM tariff can activate only the VISITOR eBOOST 10GB add-on.

• If a user activates VISITOR eBOOST 10GB add-on before the expiry of traffic included in the Visitor eSIM tariff, the traffic included in Visitor eSIM tariff shall be compounded with the traffic contained in the add-on and shall be valid until the expiry of the last activated add-on.

• For all users who want continuous connection, the option of automatic extension of tariff add-on is available.

• SMS in national and international traffic is charged RSD 7.9

• Call rate in national and international traffic is charged RSD 17.9 din/min

• Call setup - RSD 19.9

Explore Serbia, worry-free!

Stay connected with Visitor eSIM. Affordable, easy, and hassle-free service, tailored to your needs.